Monday, June 8, 2009

Pushed to File a Claim

A great percentage of my clients only come to me after becoming completely frustrated with the Insurance company that is adjusting their claim. Whether it is a home fire or an auto accident, the claim usually begins on friendly terms, but at some point many people become frustrated at the adversarial, inefficient and sometimes hostile response they receive from the insurance company that is supposed to be covering them for the injuries they have received.

Many of my clients decide to hire an attorney as a last resort, when their health and the mounting costs of healthcare put them in a severe financial crisis if they are unable to get the responsible party's insurance to cover the claim. The insurance company has the luxury of time, but the injured person often does not. Without healthcare many people can only afford a few trips to the doctor, and the insurance companies can often deny the claim in order to get the treatment to end. Conversely, the lack of treatment is often used by the Insurance Companies against an injured person to deny the severity of the injury later. Without the means to get the needed treatment, many people are pressured to compromise their claim, their health and often their futures. The Insurance Company may offer an inadequate and unfair amount of quick money that claimants feel pressured to accept just to meet their pressing expenses. It is often at that point that people that have never dreamed of filing a lawsuit will call an attorney.

If you have an injury from an accident contact an attorney to assist you. Don't wait, but find an attorney that you can trust and one that will tell you honestly what you should expect and whether you need an attorney.

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