Wednesday, May 9, 2007

South Carolina Workers Compensation- Am I covered?

The South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act is an attempt to balance meeting the need to care for injured workers with the need to protect Employers from tort acitons by their employees. For their own protection, all employers should contact legal counsel to determine if their business must provided Workers Compensation Coverage for their employees.

In my practice here in Beaufort County and throughout the state I have seen a wide variety of employee injuries. Injuries sustained from inhalation of mold in the workplace, a fall off scaffolding and even some automobile injuries may be the basis for a claim under the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act. The South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act also provides for benefits for the dependents of employees that are killed on the job.

Whether you need medical benefits, temporary compensation or a permanent award of compensation, if you have been injured your best bet is to consult with an attorney that can guide you through the process. And when you are looking for an attorney, be discerning. It is not necessarily wise to go with the first attorney you contact. If you don't communicate well with the attorney, don't feel like they are listening to your concerns, or you have any doubts, then shop around prior to signing any type of Representation Agreement. I suggest that you find an attorney that will spend the time to educate you on the law and on what to expect in your case. Although some clients want more information than others, make sure that the attorney is giving you all the information you desire to have. While you should not expect your attorney to never make a mistake or be able to predict the future, you should expect someone that can take time to handle your case with care.

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