Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Edge of Technology- Selecting an attorney

As my legal practice has grown over the last five years I have had an ever growing need to be organized and efficient. It is no secret that technology can be the great equalizer for small firms trying to compete and litigate against larger firms. My firm (though only two attorneys) has been able to utilize many of the available technologies to our advantage and the advantage of our clients. For example, a large portion of our files are scanned into our secure network server and can be accessed without the hard copy of the file. Having these doucments electronically stored allows them to be quickly transmitted to our clients when needed, saves attorney time by allowing optimal organization, and also frees up staff who would otherwise have to locate, retrieve, and copy the file.

We also use the leading case and client management software specifically designed for legal offices. This software is networkable and includes instant messaging, client contacts, file activity and calendaring at the click of a mouse.

Part of the search for a good attorney should be to look for a legal office that implements technological advances to your advantage. You will likely find that these offices are more organized, functional and able to meet your needs.

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