Monday, June 8, 2009

Workers Compensation in South Carolina

Worker's Compensation in South Carolina offers a variety of benefits for injured workers. Often these benefits are available regardless of how an accident occured as long as it is a workplace injury. However, certain time limitations exist which madate that the Employer be given Notice of the injury and which govern how long an injured person has to make a claim.

In 2007 the State Legislature produced an Act which made several changes to the Workers Compensation system here in South Carolina. Certain body parts, previously unspecified, were assigned a number of weeks for loss of use (the shoulder at 300 and the hip at 280 for instances). In addition, certain requirements were enacted effecting the presumption of disability and the technical requirements for filing a claim. (See my earlier Blogs for more analysis)

For more on the South Carolina Workers Compensation please see the link to Workers Compensation on my website at and visit the South Carolina Workers Compensation Government page which you can link to under the "Attorney Resources" Tab on my website.

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