Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Online Lawyering

For many years the advancement in technology has been shunned by many member of the legal community. This has probably occurred for a variety of reasons including, the perceived cost, a lack of understanding, fears of security and simple inertia. Fortunatley, cost effective software, gadets and technology driven services are becoming more accessible and tailored to the law office environment.
For instance, the South Carolina state Bar now supports the use of off-site data storage through internet based back-up service -specifically CoreVault. This service, and those like it, offer automated back-up services with enough capacity available to back-up a firm's computer data everyday, if desired. These services can go back to specific dates to recover lost or damaged data and are sophisticate enough to store only data that has changed in order to maximize server storage space.
With the ever increasing pace of technology, for a law firm to keep current, technology must be a priority. But the rewards and benefits make it worth the effort.

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