Monday, June 4, 2007

Death Benefits under SC Workers' Compensation laws

Under South Carolina's Workers Compensation laws, the dependents of a worker that dies from an accidental injury at work are entitled to death benefits. The determination of exactly how much they are entitled to depends on a number of things, such as: how many people are claiming to be dependents, are those claiming dependency partially or totally dependent, and what was the average weekly wage of the decedent.

You should also be aware that South Carolina also allows for a certain amount of burial expenses (capped at $2,500.00) in addition to the compensation benefits.

If you, or someone now in your care, are a dependent of a person killed on the job in South Carolina it may be wise to contact an attorney to determine what death benefits are available. If those insurance proceeds are not apportioned to dependents, children or parents, then in many instances they are paid to the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission.

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